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Monday, January 28, 2013

Remembering The Holocaust

Remembering The Holocaust 

"If we don't remember the past, we ensure that it will repeat itself!"

Please take time to educate your family on the Truth of the Holocaust. So many are uneducated about the Holocaust or in denial that the Holocaust really happened.  

  • Yes, The Holocaust happened. 
  • Yes, So many lost their lives to hate. 
  • Yes, There were and are survivors today! 
*** Please be warned ahead of time, the videos need to be previewed before allowing your students to watch. There are gruesome scenes and some may depict nudity of deceased victims. *** 

Please use the noted links to bring forth the education on the Holocaust, remember the victims of Hate and honor the survivors. ------->>

Viewer Discretion is advised  (Please preview Vidoes before allowing students to view)

I am sure to add more links shortly. Please help educate our youth about the Truth of the Holocaust and the Hate the spread around the World that still continues today. 

( Most states have a smaller version of the Nations Museum, locally. Please check your state to see if there is a local Holocaust Museum, I guarantee it will be worth the travel to see.)

Indiana's is in Terre Haute 

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