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Sunday, March 17, 2013

What Makes A Parent Qualified to Homeschool?

 I don't have a teaching degree. I don't have a college degree. So am I qualified to Homeschool my child? 

What makes anyone qualified to be a parent?  Who said there were any qualifications involved?  If we really want to get technical about the qualifications, the answer is: ----->> The setting qualification rule is from society. Society is the one who deems anyone qualified to do anything. Along side society is the government. More and more we are seeing the control on labeling individuals qualified or not to do just about anything.

So what is the real answer to this question?  
The best answer of all  ------->> "God can take an unqualified person and make them qualified!" 
Are you a parent? Are you a parent that wants to offer your child a better education and a brighter future? Are you a parent concerned about the future a public school system may or may not offer your children? Are you a parent that is just concerned regarding what is best for your children? 
Well, I can keep asking you questions but then we won't get any where, right! 

Listen, if you answered yes to the above, then you are just like any other parent that just loves their children and wants what is best for them. Who knows better then you what is best for your children, then you. The best news of all, YOU ARE QUALIFIED! You do not need a picture frame holding a degree or a label to put behind your name that states you are qualified. God qualified you the moment he created you. That is AWESOME!

Even greater, you know your children better then anyone else. So when it comes time in dealing with the hormonal changes, the teen drama, the fits, you -- the parents -- are able to tend to these situations the best way you know how to. A public teacher would not be able to do that because of the protocol the system places in front of them. Now let's talk education. In a recent post I read over at The Stir Cafe Mom  a husband -- concerned father --  makes his concerns known about the qualifications to homeschool and admits his knowledge on homeschool is very little. Which has brought me to this post. This post I make is not to criticize or attack this father by no means. I commend him for his honesty. However, this post is a chance to help the uneducated become more educated about homeschooling.

Probably the most important piece of advice I offer to anyone, like it or not, is this: Don't judge a parent or Homeschooling until you get and know the facts! IF you know absolutely nothing on Homeschooling and you are completely clueless ----->>> You have NO business judging or opening your mouth about Homeschooling.  That probably just ticked someone off!   To be truthful, I really don't care that I ticked you off by speaking the truth.  The simple fact of the matter is, you are wasting every ones time and your breath by arguing over something you are absolutely clueless about. So why go there?

In his post at The Stir Cafe Mom, he notes on the years of training his wife had to go through to be deemed qualified as an educator. 

The first thing I feel I need to note here is --->> it has taken all of us years to get to where we are now. Don't you think for a minute, that the years of our every day living and life experiences were all for nothing! They were and still are to train, prepare and equip us for today and for all of the tomorrows we see. You and I, we have been trained and we continue to go through training. Which is honestly something more then I can say for most educators who only go through one time of 3+ years of training to be certified or deemed qualified by a controlled government that demands teachers to teach a specific way and a specific curriculum that they see fit to teach with only so much knowledge to offer our children. (Remember every child learns at a different pace and level)

I want address this comment that the poster of The Stir Cafe Mom makes:
"Just because you can read doesn't mean you're qualified to teach your kids. Sure, every parent is a teacher in his or her own right. We all teach our kids morals, hygiene, and the ways of the world. But I'm talking about a full-fledged education here. The kind of learning that will help them master the English language, conquer Pythagorean's theorem, and understand exactly why volcanoes erupt."  (just a note: the spell error is in his comment from his posting.)
Reading is good, I am glad we all can read. With that being said, homeschooling is so much more then what is noted in this comment. The kind of learning as noted above is the same learning and more that our children in home education receive in a structured home! The only difference is we believe the teaching is better! Why? For several reasons:
  1. We are the parents. We know our children better then anyone breathing on the face of this planet, (aside of God that is). We know how our children function from point A to B all the way to Z. ----->>  Whether an uneducated person believes this or not, It is statistically proven that a homeschool parent has a better chance at giving their children a better education then a public educator. (All facts point to the results from homeschool testing vs public standardized testing).  -------->>> Resource 1Resource 2Resource 3Resource 4, Resource 5Resource 6Resource 7 and others.
  2. We have time on our side. What does that mean? It simply means, we have enough time in our day to work with our children individually and together. We do not operate off of a government made agenda that requires us to speed through lessons. Which is something a public school educator can not do with a class now 25+ students. --- Important Note: Every child has a learning style and some have more then one. Every child learns at a different level or pace. We as homeschooler's have the ability to reach both, the learning style and the level or pace of learning with our children.  As a homeschooler we are structured in some areas and we are able to be relaxed some in other areas. For the most part, we are structured and as an educator, we have to abide by the State Standardized Laws. Which means we are obeying they same laws that a public educator has to abide by.
  3. Not only this, as a homeschooler we are able to offer the same education as a public school system and more. Because of this, we have plenty of opportunities for socialization. There are more then plenty of opportunities out there to assist any home educator as well as equip them in the teaching for a particular subject that maybe they are unable to teach. For instance, There are local homeschool co-op's and groups that academically support some of these areas. 
  4. Our children have the opportunity to excel through their school because they are in a stress free environment.
  5. Understand, that curriculum is also out there for the home educators. Some of which is the very same curriculum as used in the public, private or Christian schools. The bonus, They offer additional help for any home educator and more.
  6. Home Education also offers Accredited On-Line Home Education. Thus meaning, that any educator can stay at home and learn on line and get their degree. And yes, before some of you lose your cool, there are society qualified educators with a degree there helping these home educators.
I really can go on with this topic, but there are a few other things from his post, I would like to address. Of course I already noted briefly on the socialization. He appears concerned, so let me address this a step further.

Socialization in Homeschool: As noted previously, there are plenty of opportunities for socialization. 
  • Church gatherings and events
  • Sports and other activities or events
  • Support Group Gatherings
  • Local Co-Op Group Gatherings
  • State Supported Functions specifically for Homeschool Educators
  • Group Organized Field Trip Outings
  • Homeschool Convention Sessions and Conferences
  • need we go on...
The simple truth is, Un-educated people do not realize what all is offered to Home Educators. There really is so much offered through out every state for homeschool families. The next thing I note, Socialization is not what we send our children to school for. Today in public schools they are over socialized and look at the decline of the public education system.

Now to address The Stir Cafe Mom's comment on:
"I guess the biggest thing I don't understand is how any parent can just grab a book and a curriculum and start teaching their kids at home. No observations, testing, licensing, certifications, etc."
To note the just grab a book, it is not just grabbing a book. There is FULL Curriculum by grades out there offered to home educators. Just like public school students, home school students test through out their high school year to prepare for ACT and SAT. Also, just like public school students, homeschool students test to get in to college. We the parents also have the option in most states to test periodically through out schooling.  Which most of us do in the mid to upper grades to prepare them for college. I should note that in some states it is required to test yearly.  Not only that, just like in public schools our children have chapter quizzes, unit tests, and exams with every subject. On top of this, We do have High School Transcripts we have to fill out just like the public school system. There really is not much difference aside of the fact our children are at home and we are able to give them one on one time which is something a public school system can not offer in a classroom of 25+ students.

Finally, The Stir Cafe Mom notes:
"This might be a bit extreme, but if you needed to have surgery, would you go to a doctor who taught himself medicine purely on his own at home? Or would you prefer going to one who graduated from a top medical school and learned from experienced hands-on teachers?"
 My only reply on this is: How do you know that you have not already came across a Homeschool Graduate, Medical Personnel? A vast majority of people through out History and through out the United States of America have been homeschooled and graduated from homeschool. I should also note, they have also received their college degree. Maybe those who are opposed should check in to some historical facts. 
Resource 1Resource 2, Resource 3Resource 4Resource 5 a midst other resources.

To sum this up, I just want to add: Homeschool really does work. We really do not need statistics to prove this. However, to ease minds of others, they are out there. Homeschool has been around since the beginning. The only change on the education system was when the government decided to stick there nose in and control it to their liking.

To go out and badger, ridicule or judge an other individual or their family because of their right and choice to home educate it is just plain wrong, purely stupid and shows how ignorant one truly can be. It is especially wrong when those that do so, do this on lack of education about the topic at hand. In this case, being homeschool. If you are going to go out and oppose anything, (homeschool) at least educate yourself before doing this. This applies to all of us in many scenarios.  

Its kind of embarrassing don't you think? Putting yourself in the middle of an argument you know very little about. When you throw your two cents in and it comes back to bite you in the butt and make you feel and look foolish!! Just saying..

I'm gonna tick some more people off with my next comments. One of the biggest reasons people oppose homeschool today is because:

  • They are too lazy to get up off their butt and educate them self on homeschool. 
  • They don't want to take the time to do their own research. 
  • They just assume someone else do the research for them or listen to hear say with out getting all the facts.
  • Basing information off of one person's experience 
  • Or maybe there was one bad experience or family that set a bad rap on homeschool   
They just assume state their own opinion because:
  • They don't like change, change may frighten them 
  • They feed off an other individuals argument on why they oppose homeschool, maybe not even noting or listing any or all of the facts. 

For the most part, most of us homeschool families are pretty responsible and serious about the duty of education. There may be a family here or there that will abuse their right and privilege to homeschool. And yes, that does give the rest of us who are abiding by our state laws a bad rap. None the less, I encourage everyone to educate your self on Homeschool, thus including every new homeschool family and veteran homeschool family. 

The more homeschooler's that get educated on the facts, the more educated and aware we can help make the public and those who are uneducated...

"Know the facts before you speak"

disclaimer: I am a proud christian wife and momma raising a family with homeschool. Educating families and uneducated on homeschool resources, advocating the right to homeschool and I am proud of what I do. I enjoy people and conversing with everyone. I understand everyone has their own view and I respect that, as I expect the same in return. This post is not to attack or criticize The Stir Cafe Mom concerned father. This post is in reply to help ease some concerns that any individual has or may express. I commend his post and honesty and choose to reply in my own post.  

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