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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Doorpost Review - Beauty In The Heart

Our review for Doorposts 
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Recently we did a review for Doorposts on their bible study material for Women, Young Women and Girls.  We had the choice of reviewing in pdf format which could be downloaded to the computer or we could receive the physical book, which we chose the physical book. 

What we received: In the mail we received the Beauty in the Heart physical spiral bound study guide book, by Pam Forster. This book is a softcover with 128 pages and can be pre*ordered for $14.00, to ship out by August 29, 2013.

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About this book:  Beauty in the Heart  is a encouraging study book designed for girls aged 10-12 and  up. This book will not only encourage girls, but also our young ladies, women and it will also help to: understand beauty and teach how to study the bible.

While learning about beauty through this study guide, we are also able to:
  • compare passages of scriptures
  • observe repeated words and themes in a passage
  • outline the contents of the passage
  • Gather all scripture's words about topics
  • Study the lives of people in the Bible, noting their actions and attitudes portray the truths of Scripture.
  • Study original Hebrew and Greek words and how they are used in other places of Scripture.
  • Use printed and online study helps in Bible study
This book examines virtues like modesty, true nature of beauty and discretion through the lives of women in the bible. Themes are taken from 1 Peter, 1 Timothy 2, 1 Samuel 25. This is a great bible study book for Women and young girls. While this book is not for young men, it is noted that young men could benefit from this study of the kind true godly beauty they should seek in a wife. In the back of this book there are some alternate questions noted for young men.    
This book consists of nine studies, with a short review study at the end. Each study is divided in to assignments which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 25 minutes. This book contains 86 days worth of study, (about 17 weeks if you do 5 studies a week.)

Each chapter starts out with inductive study noting the scripture of focus for the chapter. You are encouraged to pray and read over your study before continuing on to the questions or next study chapter. While you can do more then one study assignment daily, I recommend focusing on one assignment daily. Thus allowing your study group to absorb what each chapter is focusing on. In a time like today where marketing is constantly pushing beauty material, or ads focusing on phony miracle beauty care products or skinny, sexy ads that are aired constantly at our girls and young ladies selling false beauty trends and tips. Spending time retaining and absorbing each lessons is definitely worth the time vs speeding through each lesson.

I definitely wanted my teen to absorb everything we read through each chapter on this being beauty is a constant obstacle she is faced with in our society and culture today. I am constantly reminding her that beauty is not what these phony garbage ad pushers are claiming it to be and reminding her of what Gods says, True Beauty is.

I think every parent should check this book out and moms especially do a study with your girls to help them over come the pressures they will face today and later on from their peers, tv, poor role models from television, movies and music celebrities. (We all heard about the Miley Cyrus incident in the news just this week) With role models like these and young girls thinking they have to be pleasing in society or accepted in to society by showing them self in explicit ways or exposing parts of their body because that is the only way they can be beautiful and accepted, it is truly just sad. I am constantly reminding my oldest the way we dress can send the wrong message or the right message to others. We are constantly having talks about this topic and others. So to be able to have a study guide in hand to do this study a bit further was perfect. (Thank you.)

To learn more about the material Doorposts offers please visit their website here.

This is definitely well worth the purchase and study with your daughters and women groups. Others from our crew reviewed this book and an other book that was up for review, please click the attached review crew button below the disclaimer to see what they are saying.


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