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Sunday, September 15, 2013

PeopleKeys Review

Our latest review is for PeopleKeys 
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Our latest review is with PeopleKeys. Up front I want to let you know that our Review Crew is reviewing a total of NINE items that are from PeopleKeys. Please be sure to click the review crew banner at the bottom of this review to see what every one is saying about all of the items up for review. 

Over the years on our journey in our homeschool, I have learned quite a bit about homeschool in general and my kids. One of the first things I believe we all learn through homeschool, is that we are going to face many obstacles and challenges along the way. Over the years I have shared our experiences and offered up advice all over. One of the top recommendations I offer up to any homeschooler, especially those considering, is something I wish I had known earlier on.
I never had veteran homeschooler's along side of me coaching me. Much of what I learned, I learned on my own and offered up advice from my own personal experiences. One of the most often pieces of advice that I offer up as a veteran homeschooler is to test and learn about your child's learning styles. It will help you to learn more about your child's way of learning as well as what teaching style will help them to learn and what curriculum will be best for them.  

When this vendor came up next to be reviewed, I definitely was interested in what all they had to offer. I could not wait to scope out their material. 

About PeopleKeysThey have developed an online delivery system that provides access to the world's trusted behavioral assessment tools. They have customized reports available in various languages, these tools can be used to help unlock the potential in individuals. You can learn more about  peoplekeys here.

What we received in the mail: We received the Cognitive style workbook in the mail. It is a thin paper student workbook about 17 pages in length. This workbook is a student assessment that has questions that will help identify the students cognitive style of thinking. This workbook can be used with students ages 13 years to Adult.  This workbook is $13.00 (not including s/h)

 The Cognitive Thinking Style Workbook
 photo peoplekeys-cognitivethinkingworkbook_zps5e0b6064.jpg
  • This workbook helps the student to identify and understand their style of thinking.
  • Helps improve study habits, increase GPA and help the student to choose a career path that is based on their strengths.
Cognitive styles are the preferences that individuals have for thinking or relating to other individuals and for various learning and experimental environments.

Through this workbook, you will learn about the styles of Cognitive Thinking and which one best relates to your student. Cognitive thinking styles are based on a few principles worth remembering:
  • People are different!
  • Different thinkers are motivated to learn in different ways..
  • Different learners will respond differently to a variety of instructional methods.
  • Individual differences among us should be respected.
  • People with different styles can be equally intelligent.
To help you learn and remember the Cognitive Thinking styles, just remember LITE. 

What we thought about this assessment: Well it is definitely not just for the students. Lol! I enjoyed learning more about me amidst this one.  I think it is neat to learn how each of us function differently. Each one of us was created to be unique and different in many ways. It's all rather interesting and extremely helpful when it comes to different approaches that best help each of us learn. This particular assessment will be recommended along with my consistent recommendations for learning your child's learning styles. I truly believe it will help parents to better understand their children, teachers to understand the student and truthfully each one of us will probably function better when we excel in what we are stronger in vs what we are weaker in. I definitely like this material. I am curious about some of the other material they are offering and will probably stop in and scope out some of the other material. 

As I mentioned before there are about 8 other items up for review along with this one. So please check out what everyone else is reviewing and what they are are saying about the PeopleKeys material. You can find out more by clicking the below review crew attached link. 


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