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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Free Lapbook Resources

Free Lapbook Resources. If you are new to lapbooking or just looking for resources you will want to note these resources and bookmark them for future reference.

** Curriculum Share - Labook Resources

** Lapbook Lessons Blog

** Lapbook Templates at Curriculum Share

** Homeschool Share Lapbooks

** Heart of Wisdom Free Lapbooks and Resources

These sites are super resource sites. I am sure they are a few other I could note, but in some of the resource pages attached above they are noted there, So I will not double note. 

While I like lapbooking with my kids, its great hands on learning, I am easily annoyed about all of the lapbook folders we have. So I created an easier way to lapbook and notebook to keep everything together. Some lapbook lessons are one time only lessons, while other lapbook lesson there is so much to add to them and learn. These are the lapbooks that I choose to break up and work by portions. 

For these kinds of lapbook lessons I have a medium to large sized 3 ring binder that we use to keep our lapbooks and notebooks together. For instance when we started homeschooling we did a civil war lapbook. We had a lot of information, to much to do all at once. I guess if you wanted to take a month and devote to the lesson you could do that, however when I do hands on I do hands on. We do a lesson and then get involved in a craft or activity relating to the lesson. Every year we have a lot of community activities around the Civil War time frame. So I do not plan on spending a whole month inside drilling assignments. We go out and get involved. Go to the festivities, watch the reenactment, do lessons at our local pioneer historical museum. So as you can see their really is a lot that you can incorporate with lapbooks. In this particular case, I broke up the time frame of the lessons. 

One year we worked from the beginning of the Civil War then moved to the Underground Railroad, then moved to about Pres. Lincoln and Gettysburg and so forth. You could also sample recipes they made during that time frame. Now over the years our lessons and work have come together in a beautiful lapbook/notebooking binder. We can now do a brief recap and then move on and get more involved with the activities and other things going on during that time frame.

You can see our binder lapbook/notebook here.

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Happy Schooling!

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