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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

ScienceandMath Review: Algebra 1 Dvd

Our Review on
ScienceandMath.com Review
Recently we had the chance to do a review for ScienceandMath.com. Our review was specifically for the Math side, learning Algebra 1. 

ScienceandMath.com Review
For our review, we recieved the physical DVD of Algebra 1: Volume 1 and a digital download on Fractions Thru Algebra Companion Worksheet CD. 

This DVD is for grades 7 and up. In Algebra 1: Volume 1   you will recieve a total of 3 DVD's. Roughly 7 hours worth of learning. Each DVD noting the following:

Disk 1
Section 1: Real Numbers & Other Graphs
Section 2: Fractions
Section 3: Exponents & Order of Operations

Disk 2 
Section 4: Adding & Subtacting Real Numbers 
Section 5: Multiplying & Dividing Real Numbers
Section 6: Algebraic Expressions

Disk 3
Section 7: Properties of Real Numbers
Section 8: Introduction to Equations
Section 9: Solving More Equations
Section 10: Simplifying Expressions to Solve Equations

When you first start this DVD, you start out from the very beginning of Algebra learning. So it really does not matter if you know Algebra or not. With this DVD you start from the very beginning and learn at a step by step pace. Best of all, this is almost like having a tutor in your living room. Your kids will be able to learn Algebra step by step in the comfort of their own home, working at their own pace. *LIKE* 

As I mentioned above, the worksheets are a digital download. So those would need to be printed as you would need them or you could elect to open them on the computer and have the student work them free hand. An other option for larger families is to print one copy of each worksheet used and laminate them for your elected child currently using this program and reusing them for any other child next in line to use this, should you opt to do so again.

Algebra 1: Volume 1, currently retails at $26.99 for the physical dvd. Now youc an also opt to have the download for $23.99. The Fractions Thru Algebra Companion Worksheet CD is priced at $24.99 for the physical cd and you can again opt for the download for the price of $21.99.

At the site you can also sign up for free math and science lessons delivered to your inbox. Another great thing they offer is, you can view sample video lessons on their home page and see if this program will work for your family. Check them out by visiting  ScienceandMath.com 

How this was used and our thoughts.

This dvd was used weekly every other day, pacing each lesson. This dvd would be a great program for beginners just learning Algebra. It is also a gread dvd for recapping. Through out each lesson he uses a white board to visually work the problems with you. One of the things my oldest really liked about this dvd is how he goes is clear and explains in depth on the explanations for each problem and lesson. However there was one *dislike* and that was that she felt he was a little winded through out some of the intros, as he really likes to talk. Sometimes she would get frustrated while trying to follow him and work the problem. She is not used to a lot of talking through learning as she is more of a visual learner. 

"One suggestion to the producer would be to take learning styles in to consideration for future videos."

Although I always make note to anyone before purchasing curriculum to know your childs learning style before you buy so you know if that curriculum will work for you. I want to note that this is still a good program to use for all learning styles. If your child is a visual learner like mine, he/she may get a bit frustrated with all the talking but they will still enjoy this dvd and pick up on the learning in each lesson. You can always pause for a breather if need be. For other students that need the extra in depth instructions, this dvd would be a great buy.

We liked that he uses a lot of good examples and for the most part he makes each lesson easy to understand. He also uses graphs and defines terms as you work through each lesson. There really is not a lot of bad that I can say about this dvd. All in all, we really liked this dvd. 

You can learn more about this site by visiting the attached About-Science-And-Math page. Right now our crew is reviewing several products from ScienceandMath.com. If you are interested in checking out what our crew has to say about Math programs and Science programs from ScienceandMath.com please click on our attached review crew button below this disclaimer. 

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