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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Artistic Pursuits Review

Our review for ARTistic Pursuits 

ARTistic Pursuits Review
ARTistic Pursuits has a variety of art curriculum to choose from on their site. They have 10 original books for:

  1. Preschool, Ages 3,4, and 5
  2. Early Elementary, K-3 
  3. Elementary, grades 4-5 
  4. Middle School, Grades 6-8   
  5. High School, grades 9-12 
  6. "New" Sculpture Books (with a new one coming in 2016.)
This is a unique homeschool art program designed to keep children involved in the creative process while building skills in observation. Each book integrates all components of a fine art education by helping students build a visual vocabulary while using critical thinking skills as they explore art history, art appreciation, art techniques and get creative. A long with each book is a noted supply list for what you will need while using the curriculum of choice. These books are spiralbound paper books, easily used and much appreciated by me. :)
ARTistic Pursuits ReviewWe were able to review one of the new sculpting books,  Sculpture Technique: Model

This book includes:

  • How to use this book 
  • Unit 1: Creating Mass with Putty
  • Unit 2: Creating Scale with Clay
  • Unit 3: Creating Surface with Fiber
  • The Road to Creativity
  • Evaluation Answer Sheets
  • Course Description
  • Template
  • Classroom Schedule
There is also a noted art supply list under the contents for each unit.  The  Sculpture Technique: Model book has 48 pages of fun. It can be purchased for $47.95. This book is best used with ages 11-18. However, I believe if your child is creative, interested and a good listener that is under the age of 11, you would have no trouble using this material with them, as long as you are closely monitoring. Otherwise the older children can work independantly with this book. You can check out some of the other Art Curriculum they have by clicking here.

We have done some mild clay fun in the past and when we had a chance to learn and have some more fun, we could not resist. Who could resist getting creative while making a mess? Honestly, the best way to learn and have fun. With school winding down some, we were able to get in a few extra days of fun with art. We expected to use this one maybe 2 days through our school week and surprised ourself using it a little more.

Although the ages recommended are 11-18, I did allow my younger children (7,8 & 9) to have some fun to. They see clay and all of a sudden it becomes everyones fun. We covered through each lesson, honestly, my kids listen to the lesson, but they wanted to cut loose on the fun. The lessons are short so you can get in on the fun fairly early. However, keep in mind your working clay so after you are finished creating your master piece there will need to be a dry time before working further. The amount of time spent on each project varies by child and what they are creating.

All around, we enjoyed ARTistic Pursuits and plan on re-using this book further in our art schedule after our coming break. I attached a picture below of what the kiddos did. However, the poor horse broke it's leg; but here is a picture of the finished fun.

Others on our crew are reviewing for ARTistic Pursuits, as you can see from the attached picture there are six books to choose from, not including their newest books Sculpture Technique: Model and Sculpture Technique: Construct.

ARTistic Pursuits Review

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