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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Learning Breakthrough Program - Review

Learning Breakthrough Program Review

We did a review for Learning Breakthrough Program. We had the choice to recieve the physical copy or ebook copy. We chose to recieve the ebook copy of A Life in Balance. 

“My students taught me how to teach them.”– A Life in Balance

Learning Breakthrough Program ReviewA Life in Balance:Discovery of a Learning Breakthrough, is for adults who are looking to improve brain function and clarity of their children. 

About Learning Breakthrough Program Dr. Belgau devolped this program because of his own observations that many learning challenges are impacted by senosry integragation disorders. This program is a direct result of observing, researching, and interacting with individuals struggling with learning disabilities over the past 30 years. Dr. Belgau holds a Masters of Education and Bachelors of Science degree from Sam Houston Univeristy and a Doctor of Education degree from Pacific States University.

This program helps the brain organize better and process information, this is sort of exercise if you will to the brain. GREAT NEWS! This program is a drug free alternative therapy for ADD/ADHD individuals and offers information about treating learning disabilities like Dyslexia. This program is not just used with school aged children, but has even been used with adults and baby boomers. This program has been used by medical professionals since 1982 and is now available for home use. 
This program is sensory integration therapy that provides helps to people on the Autisim Spectrum. The full program itself is $399.00.

We recieved a copy of their book, A Life in Balance, in a pdf format, and it has 210 pages in total. You can purchase the physical book for $16.94 right now at Amazon for a limited time, regular price $18.95.

A look inside. Here are few of the chapters included:

  1. The Early days; Teaching Unteachable Children; Breakthrough
  2. Slow Kid in a Fast Family; Bright Shining Examples; Turning the Tables
  3. Unseen Magic; Quiet Genius
  4. The right stuff; Simple Truths
  5. Beginning to teach; Practical approach to creativity
and more, in all a total of 30 chapters, minus appendixes and about the author section within this book. Each chapter is full of inspiring, educational and encouraging words, as well as creative ideas and new approaches or tips in teaching individuals experiencing learning disabilities.

My thoughts on this book 

To be honest, I do not have any children facing special challenges or atm learning disabilities. Whether I do or dont is not the case. None the less, I do have specially challenged family members and know others with children facing special challenges or learning disabilities. On top of that I am watching my ailing elderly great grandmother struggle in her years with dementia and her learning abilities becoming minimal to a decline of almost nothing. After each of these instances it has sparked my interest in learning more about these individuals and how I can better help them in their struggles. 

This book is more based on the life of Dr. Belgau and the overcoming of his own personal learning disabilities, which brought him to developing this program to help others. Research from the early 60's helped him to create the Learning Breakthrough Progam and help individuals that has learning challenges like ADD/ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and others to help them learn to read. 

His book is full of educating and inspiring materials as well as loads of information, almost too much information to process all at once. I almost guarantee I will have to re-read over several chapters just to refresh what I previously read or learned from the first time reading it, as well as making sure I understood it right the first time. I like science but some things are just too far over my head. I like that he gave great details when explaining some of the science, discussing the discoveries or creative ideas/approaches he uses. However, I am a visual learner, details are great but I need more of a picture to work with vs a whole lot of details. 

I believe this book would be a great read for any parent wanting to help their child or other individuals work through the difficulties of their learning challenges, anyone looking to understand the challenges others are faced with and how to help them through their challenges. All in all this is really a great book of information.

Below you can watch a video presentation by  Learning Breakthrough Program  

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