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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Homeschooling through High School - to - Graduation!

So if you have a high school homeschooler, you probably have asked your self one or more of these questions.

  1. My high school student is nearing graduation. What will he/she need to do to receive a diploma? 
  2. Is a home school diploma accepted for college?
  3. Should my student just test for a GED? Why or Why not?

The truth is, your answer will probably vary by state, but mostly the answers should be pretty close or the same as the ones in this post. With homeschool on the rise I am not sure how many of the 50 states have their own graduation ceremony. So this is the best of my knowledge and based off of what I have found out for our state.

Question ONE Answer

Most if not all states probably do have a grad ceremony for your homeschooler. My first suggestion to you is to contact your state Homeschool Organization to find out what you will need to do to prepare.
  • If your state offers a graduation ceremony, you will need to get with your homeschool organization and provide them with all of the necessary documents needed for graduation.  

TIP: IF your student graduates this year, I recommend getting with your organization now and find out what all you will need for graduation. This a way you are preparing a head of time and eliminating some of the stress for later. Remember you will have to have all of your information submitted in with your registration by the deadline or your student won't make ceremony. 

(Keep in mind the closer you get to graduation, the more overwhelmed you will be preparing and planning for this wonderful celebration. It is always best to plan ahead.)

Question TWO Answer

Best of my knowledge from many veteran homeschool parents, our state organization and articles that I have read this answer is yes. Most colleges do recognize and prefer a homeschool diploma over a GED. So best of my knowledge YES, their homeschool diploma from your state organization will be accepted for their college and employment. From what I have learned in my research, it will not matter if your student has a accredited or non-accredited diploma. Since homeschool is on the rise, most colleges are accepting the homeschool diploma from the state organizations. 

Although most colleges will accept the homeschool diploma, your student will need to test for the SAT and ACT. The scores from their test will be a bigger impact with the college vs the diploma. You will probably need to check with your local high school to see if they are testing. Most high schools will let homeschool students test with the public school students.

Questions THREE Answer

From everything I have read and what I am hearing, NO. No it is not a good idea for your homeschooler to get a GED. However, this is soley your decision. From what I am hearing and reading, if your student gets a GED - it implies that your student is a drop out. That may or may not stay on their record. Again this is probably going to be different by state. Now it is also important to note that not all states are offering GED testing. Some states have discontinued GED testing and infact have replaced it with a new High School Equivalency Examination or TASC (Test Assessing Secondary Skills). To find out what your state offers you will need to check with your states education guidelines or your state homeschool organization.

Should you have any further concerns or questions as always I recommend you speak with your state homeschool organization and ask the HSLDA.

What about the military?

Now should your student want to enlist in the military, I recommend you contact a recruit officer and discuss your questions and concerns to see what options you will have. However, I also recommend that you call your state homeschool organization and or the HSLDA and discuss your options to see what you may or may not have to do. Remember not everything you are told is true, same goes for what you read. LOL. It is always best to go back and verify the information you were given - with the organizations that will know the truth. Even in this post, because state guidelines vary and things change daily.

Again best of my knowledge, information in this post will help steer you in the right direction to help you plan and prepare. However again I note, please get with your local homeschool organization and ensure that these are the steps you will need to take and if there is or is not any other step to take.

It is my hope that this post will at least help you head in the right direction.

Happy Schooling.

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